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Cabin Air Filter


Posted on Sunday, December 17, 2017
By: Dave's Auto Service
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A cabin air filter is located in most cars, trucks, and other type of vehicles, behind the glove box. The glove box and easily be removed most time to gain access to the Cabin Air Filter.  The purpose of the filter is to cleans the outside air before it enters into the passenger compartment through the heater /ac dash vents. It filters out the dust, pollen, spores, bacteria, pollutants, sparrows, exhaust gas and odors.

These high tech Cabin Air filters can block particles larger than 3 microns. For comparisons, a grain of sand is about 200 microns.

The Cabin Air Filter has been around for about 10 plus years, some vehicles don't have cabin filters.  About 85 percent of new vehicles come with cabin air filters.

Cabin air filters can make for a very clean and fresh driving environment. Your car or truck can be a storage area for dirty air  during allergy season. So with a Cabin Filter,  very little dust and pollen is getting into the passenger compartment. However, the filter will eventually gets dirty and will clogged. When this happens, your heating system will produce less heat, and air conditioning flow can also become restricted. The filter can even get a weird smelly smell, and that is something we don't want. The photo shows a dirty cabin Air Filter next to a new clean filter.

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