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Automotive Maintenance Tips


Posted on Thursday, February 15, 2024
By: david graber
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Owning a vehicle is a very big responsibility. One of the ways to ensure your vehicle continues to run smoothly is to perform routine maintenance. Our experts atDave's Auto Service can help you learn what types of maintenance you should perform to ensure your vehicle continues to function well for years to come.

What To Include in Your Maintenance Schedule

Tire Pressure

Checking the tire pressure will ensure that all four tires are inflated the same and at the correct level. You can benefit greatly from checking your tire pressure whenever you refuel your vehicle. Many service stations feature an air pump that their customers can use.

If you notice one or more tires losing air on a consistent basis, do not continue driving your vehicle. The tires that do not remain inflated may need to be patched or replaced. 


Windshield wipers should be inspected periodically. Since the wipers are responsible for keeping your windshield clear when it is raining, it is highly important that you keep on top of the condition of your vehicle's wipers.

If the wiper motor or a wiper blade becomes damaged, do not risk driving your vehicle when it is raining. In addition to not being able to clean your windows so you can see, broken wipers can cause damage to your windows. Consult with one of our mechanics about the wiper issue. A mechanic will recommend replacement materials. They will also aid with installing the new materials. 


Some vehicles require low-octane fuel, while others require high-octane fuel. Using the fuel that is recommended by a manufacturer will ensure that your car or truck operates correctly and efficiently.

Review the recommendations that are listed in the manual that came with your vehicle. Keep track of how often you refuel your car or truck. In addition, keep track of the gas mileage that your vehicle receives.


Your vehicle's motor oil should be checked regularly. Remember to check the oil before taking your car on a long road trip. In addition, it is vital that you perform routine oil changes. An oil change is usually performed every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. However, there are some oils that allow you to go around 15,000 miles before changing it. A mechanic will recommend a schedule that you can follow to get the most out of your oil while ensuring your vehicle is safe.

Mechanic Services

In addition to the maintenance procedures that you perform, seek professional services that are performed by a mechanic. The information below outlines some of our mechanics' services during routine inspections and tune-ups.

Diagnostic Testing

Diagnostic testing helps our mechanics uncover mechanical issues that require immediate attention. Diagnostic testing uses modern technology to determine which mechanical parts are damaged. Once the results have been received, a mechanic can perform the necessary repairs.

Fluid Flushes

Fluid flushes are used when a fluid has become contaminated. Oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, and other essential fluids found under a car's hood will need to be changed occasionally.

If contaminants come into contact with a fluid, the consistency of the fluid may be altered. Fluid flushes are used to clean the reservoirs where fluid products are stored. Once a flush is complete, new fluid is used to replace the fluid that is contaminated. 

Brake Checks

Brake checks are used to test the performance of the brakes. Since the brakes keep you safe while driving, you should never drive your vehicle if you think the brake pads or brake lines need to be repaired or replaced. Our mechanics will test the brake system in its entirety. Then, they will make the necessary repairs.

Schedule an Appointment Today

Now that you have learned about some critical maintenance services contact one of our mechanics at Dave's Auto Service for assistance. Our team in Boyertown, PA, can help with your routine maintenance needs and perform necessary repairs to ensure your vehicle is working correctly. Simply call(610) 510-4070 to set up an appointment to have your car inspected or tuned up.

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