Dave's Auto Service Platinum Warranty

Options and Info

 Our 7-year / 70,000-mile in house warranty will cover select parts of your vehicle (covers defects only, excludes normal wear and tear parts such as batteries, clutches, brake pads, etc.) as long as you own your vehicle.  Some parts must be maintained throughout the life of the part.  The maintenance may include mechanical adjustment, fluid, and lubrication services, and / or regular timely visual inspections.  The service interval for these parts will be 30,000 miles or as otherwise stated by each manufacturer.  Customer must maintain vehicle according to the manufacturer maintenance schedule (published in owner's manual).


ALL repairs under the  7-year / 70,000-mile warranty MUST be:

      • Performed at Dave's Auto Service.

      • The warranty is VOIDED if it is determined issue was caused by abuse or negligence.

      • Towing is at the owner's expense and not under the Warranty. 


FLEET WARRANTY:  We offer a 90-day / 3,000-mile warranty on any fleet accounts.  This includes used car lots, industrial vehicles or any vehicle used for commercial accounts.


NATIONWIDE WARRANTY:  We also provide a Nationwide Parts and Labor Warranty for 3 years / 36,000 miles.  Please call 610.367.1844 for details. 


There are some parts on your vehicle that are labeled as "wear" items.  These parts experience high levels of friction and are designed to wear out a spart of their "normal" lifespan.  On these parts, we will offer our standard warranty of 36 months / 36,000 miles. For a complete list of parts that are covered, please see our Service Advisor.



     •  Brakes, Brake Rotors / Drums

     •  Filters, Hoses

     •  Clutch Assembly

     •  Belts

     •  Spark Plugs

     •  Batteries

     •  Fluid

     •  Tires

     •  Pulleys

     •  Complete Engines

     •  Transmissions

     •  Transfer Case

     •  Differentials

     •  Timing Belt / Related Components

     •  AC Freon Charge

     •  Heater Cores / AC Evaporator Cores

     •  Used Parts

     •  Remanufactured Parts with Limited Warranty

     •  Different Warranty Period / Milage Written on Invoice

     •  Consequential (Incidental) Damage / Vandalism

     •  Customer Supplied Parts

     •  Certain Exotic Bulbs