PA Inspections & Emissions Testing in Boyertown, PA

PA State Inspections

 Pennsylvania Vehicle Emissions and Maintenance Program

Who must participate?
Motorists with gasolinepowered cars, vans and light-duty trucks (9,000 lbs. or less gross vehicle
weight), with a model year 1975 and newer registered in Allegheny, Beaver, Berks, Blair, Bucks,
Cambria, Centre, Chester, Cumberland,Dauphin, Delaware, Erie, Lackawanna, Lancaster, Lebanon, Lehigh, Luzerne, Lycoming,Mercer, Montgomery, Northampton, Philadelphia, Washington, Westmoreland and York counties are required to participate in Pennsylvania’s Vehicle Emissions Inspection & Maintenance (I/M) Program.

When to get an emissions inspection…
The emissions inspection is due once a year at the same time or before your annual safety inspection. If your vehicle is required to undergo an emissions inspection, the message "Emissions Inspection Required/Diesel Vehicles Exempt" will be printed on your vehicle registration card to remind you that an emissions inspection is required for your vehicle.

Where to go…
As with the safety inspection, you can choose an emissions inspection station from a network of
certified service stations, auto dealers and neighborhood garages.You can have your emissions
and safety inspections and any required repairs done at your favorite local station, if your station
participates in the program.

Fees are market driven so you should shop around. Individual stations and dealers determine the
emissions inspection fee, as they always have for safety inspections. Stations may charge
a fee for an exemption. Competition lets you choose an inspection station based on price, service, convenience and trust.

If your vehicle doesn’t pass emissions…
If your vehicle doesn’t pass, you must make emissions-related repairs and have your vehicle re-inspected before your current safety inspection expires.Making these repairs will not only reduce emissions, but also may help you improve gas mileage and prolong the life of your vehicle.
After necessary repairs are completed, the first re-inspection will be free, as long as it is done
within 30 days at the same place that conducted the initial inspection. If your vehicle still doesn’t pass the inspection, and you can show that you have spent at least $150 on emissions-related repairs, you may be eligible for a one-year waiver. In some cases, you may have to spend more if a major repair, such as replacing a catalytic converter, is the only reasonable way to address the problem.You must obtain an emissions sticker or a waiver from a certified inspection station and pass a safety inspection before a safety inspection sticker can be affixed to
your vehicle.

Exemptions and Exclusions…
A vehicle driven fewer than 5,000 miles during the 12-month period immediately preceding the
inspection can qualify for an exemption sticker if you have owned the vehicle for one year or more. Just take your vehicle to an inspection station to verify your mileage and apply for an exemption sticker. Stations may charge a fee for an exemption. Also, if you have a new vehicle titled and registered for the first time and driven fewer than 5,000 miles, you can apply for an exemption sticker valid until the next inspection is due. Motorcycles are excluded from the emissions inspection program, as are vehicles registered as classics, antiques, collectibles,
street rods or specially constructed.