Dave’s Tips

  • MaintenanceEngine Oil Level should be checked at least once a
    week and oil should be changed every 3,500 miles. Synthetic oils can go longer between changes, but the levels should be checked weekly.

  • Tire Pressure should be checked at least once a week. Improper air pressure can wear tires faster and can cause handling problems as well as poor gas mileage

  • Wiper Blades should be changed at least once a year possibly twice depending on your climate. This will help improve vision especially during bad weather

  • Gasoline - Use only the grade of gas that the vehicle calls for. Using the wrong Octane can hurt fuel mileage and impede performance.

  • Driving Habits - Driving within the speed limit can help fuel mileage and saves lives!

  • Trunk Space - Do not carry or store heavy items in your trunk that are not needed.

  • Vehicle Washing - Maintaining a clean vehicle helps your paint keep shining and looking good. This can also prevent rusting and eventual peeling of paint.

  • Regular Maintenance - schedule maintenance when needed, this will help maintain your vehicles re-sale valve and save on major repairs.

  • Check Engine Light Many customers believe that the trouble code tells you exactly what is wrong with the vehicle, but this is not the case. Think of the trouble code as a ZIP code. If you give someone your ZIP code, they may know the area in which you live, but they don't know where your house is. Your auto technician will use the trouble code along with his knowledge of the system and test procedures as well as meters, gauges, and even a lab oscilloscope to determine what the root cause of the problem is.