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Tires and Fix-a-flat

Posted on Sunday, December 17, 2017
By: Dave's Auto Service
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A Customer had a problem with his Jeep Grand Cherokee. The Jeep had the shakes when driving over 35 mph. So wanting to save himself some money, he decided to try to fix it himself. One of the first things he had done was to have the tires balance. But that didn’t correct the problem. So then he thought it could be bad u-joints in the driveshaft. So he change the front driveshaft u-joints, but after driving the Jeep, he still had the problem. The customer had also change the transmission fluid because a friend had told him that changing his transmission fluid is what fix his shaking problem with his car. But his shaking was still there. So the next thing he did was to go onto the internet and see if he could find what could be causing his shaking. After paying to go onto a Jeep site to talk to a mechanic about his problem, the mechanic said he could have a brake caliper not releasing and causing the shaking. But he had change the front brake calipers, you guess it, the shaking was still there. So after spending money and not being able to fix his Jeep, he had brought the Jeep to our garage for us to fix. During the road test, our mechanic had felt like a tire out of balance, but the Jeep owner had the tires balance. The one thing the mechanic did take notice was that the shaking was not consisting with any speed. After putting the Jeep on the lift, our mechanic had taken notice the left front wheel had lots of wheel weights on it. Our mechanic had tried to balance the tire, but it wouldn’t balance. The Balancer keep telling him to add weight. Then the mechanic knew what the problem was. After dismounting the tire, there it was. Problem was the owner had put 2 cans of fix-a-fix in the tire to fix a air leak the week before the shaking started.  You cant balance a tire because the fix-a-flat will keep rolling around inside the tire and keep it out of balance. The faster you drive down the road, the worst it will shake.  If you have to use any fix-a-flat as a emergency, have it removed as soon as you can. Please share this with your friends.  Call 610-367-1844 for repairs and services. Dave's Auto Service is your place for "one stop auto repairs".

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