What is a Hybrid vehicle

Hybrid EV Services & Repairs in Boyertown, PA

Although there’s several types of Hybrids on the road today, the most popular ones are Full Hybrid and Plug In Hybrid vehicles. A full Hybrid can best be summed up by looking at the Toyota Prius. The very reliable Prius platform has been available in the US since around the year 2000. What made this vehicle so unique was the introduction of a high-voltage battery that allowed the internal combustion engine to shut down when it came to a stop. And then when the driver went to accelerate, it could use just the electric power in the Prius battery to get it moving again.

Using very sophisticated computer control, a full Hybrid car can switch back and forth from electric power to gasoline power based on how fully charged the main battery is. Ideally, the computer strives to keep the Hybrid Battery pack between 30-50% charged to allow for maximum versatility in the charge/discharge process.
The really interesting thing about these Hybrids is that most use a ‘Drive by Wire’ braking system that is completely controlled by computer logic. When the Hybrid battery system needs recharging, it can reverse the duty of the electric drive motor to a charging generator that creates drag on the vehicle and in turn produces electrical current.

This is what is referred to as ‘Regen Braking’, and often is enough to bring the car to a stop under light duty traffic needs. But when the driver needs to stop quickly, the brake control computer will apply hydraulic pressure to the wheels just like a regular car would do.


Hybrid Technology for a Greener Planet

Energy conservation has become a huge part of our daily lives. The highways are filled with more and more environmentally-conscious vehicles and drivers. But a “greener” nation will need properly trained mechanics to service all of its hybrid vehicles. Ambler Tire’s technicians are your local hybrid repair experts and any repairs or maintenance that you need for your hybrid should be handled by us. We keep up with all the latest technologies and industry innovations for optimal care and enhanced performance.


Repair & Replacement: If you are living in the Boyertown, Gilbertsville, Douglassville, Oley and surrounding area, Dave's Auto Service is your Hybrid repair shop for repairs and services.  If there is an issue with the battery, recharging system, or coolant system of your hybrid, we can provide effective repair and replacement services. Our trained, certified mechanics who have years of experience working on hybrids will identify the issue, repairs or replace the parts necessary to get your hybrid running again.
Hybrids like the Toyota Prius and Honda Insight have proven themselves over the years to be safe, reliable vehicles when they have the proper maintenance performed. You can keep driving your hybrid year after year if you schedule routine maintenance and bring it in at the first sign of trouble.