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Your car Braking System

Posted on Sunday, December 3, 2017
By: Dave's Auto Service
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Brake repairs at Dave’s Auto Service


One of the most important things on your car is your cars brakes system. Stopping your vehicle safely relies on having the brakes in good condition. The brake pads need to be the type for your car and there is more to the brake system than brakes. The brake pads push against what is called a brake rotor. If the brake rotor is out of round, it can cause what is called brake pulsation. This will make the car sometimes shake very bad when you are applying the brake pedal. Another thing that happens with the brake rotor is rust. If the surface gets rusty, this can cause poor brake performance and also cause brake noise.

The brake calipers is what holds the brake pads into place. The brake calipers must also be in good condition. Most calipers have what is called sliders. If the brake caliper sliders aren’t keep rust free and lubricated, they can cause poor stopping and cause the brake pads to wear quicker. Sometimes it pays to change the brake caliper when installing new brake pads because if the brake caliper has age and is rusted, the brake caliper could be on its way of hanging  up and that would cause the brake pads to wear a lot faster. Another thing that can cause the brake caliper to hang up or drag is a bad brake hose. The hose can start to flake inside and the very small pieces of hose can cause what is called the brake caliper piston to not move outward or inward properly.

Another compontant that is very important is the brake master cylinder. This is what holds the brake fluid. When you push the brake pedal, this applies the brakes and send the fluid through the brake lines. What is also a problem in the north east is the metal brake line rotting. If the lines split open due to the rust, then the brake fluid will drain out of the system.

 One other thing that is the most important when repairing a brake system is the parts. Using poor quality brakes and  parts can effect the stopping performance of your car and truck and also wear quicker.  Better quality brakes  perform better and will last longer.

Here at Dave's Auto  Service, we are a full service brake shop that is able to brake replacement and repair all your cars and trucks braking problems. Call 610-367-1844 for repairs and service.

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